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    Make a Difference

    In This World?

  • Our Vision is to Inspire

    Tomorrow's Difference Makers

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    We are about

    People, Passion, Purpose, Planet

    Making a Difference in the World

    Living Happy, Abundant & Inspired Lives

    Inspiring Others to Live it Too

  • We present people who talk about

    • Spirituality and Personal Growth

    • Environment and Ecology

    • Business and Humanity

    • Science and Technology

    • Relationships and Sexuality

    • Music Art and Culture

    • Health and Healing

    • Politics and People

    • The Future of Education

    • Food and Sustainability

    • Women Greatness & Birthing

    • Money and Beliefs

    • PEACE

  • WHY

    The world is changing so rapidly with advances in our technology. Where we are going as a global community will depend on the ones who are making the world a better place. These are the Difference Makers. 


    You have found this website because you're a

    Difference Maker.


    Maybe you want to know how you are, or maybe you want to know why you are. Or maybe you want to help others make a difference. It's because of people like you that our world continues to exist, evolve and expand.



  • We believe that everyone has something awesome to show the world, that’s why we started The Difference Makers

    We live in exciting times. The internet has changed the game for all of us. Never before have we had the capacity to get our ideas out to the world with such speed, precision and public engagement. Here at the Difference Makers we're showcasing ways in which you can participate in a bright future by connecting with the people who are creating the future. Come and meet best of them.

  • What is it you wish to do

    with your life?

    Here are some of the Difference Makers who took part in

    Sydney Peace Day Festival, Accentuate the Positive Radio  and other Inspiring Events

  • Live Your Life on Purpose

    We want to connect you with your passion to contribute and your power to create your dreams.

    Listen to our Inspired guests on

    ATP Media with KAern Swain


    You know WHAT you want and WHO you are, but you need some guidance and support bringing your dreams to LIFE! This is where KAren CAN Help you. It 's really a vibrational journey. When we align with our dreams, making stuff happen becomes a Joyous Effortless ride filled with Happiness and Connection.

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  • What people are saying

    We had our first Difference Makers event on 22 Jan 2015 and it was a BIG HIT!!!

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